Why Vinicci Valet Provides The Perfect Touch To All Weddings

Vinicci Valet servicing wedding event

For Your Special Night:

It is important to ensure that all of your guests receive the VIP treatment. From the moment they arrive at your wedding, they will experience the Vinicci Valet signature touch. Our services provide convenience that is always appreciated by attendees!

Having well groomed, professional, and reliable valet parking professionals readily available at the entrance of your wedding will show your guests that you truly care about their overall experience.

Moreover, parking situations at many venues can be difficult. Also, walking through Canadian winters and harsh weather conditions can be a big hassle! By relying on us to take care of the parking situation, we will efficiently escort your guests to the place they have been preparing to be all day: your wedding!

Weddings that take place in downtown Toronto often present themselves with difficult traffic situations. To ensure the safety of your guests, we provide you the option of hiring an off-duty police officer. He/she will direct traffic for the night, and allow your guests to exit/enter their vehicles with ease. Additionally, Vinicci Valet always actively takes all precautions to ensure that the parking situation is as efficient as possible.

Lastly, to accommodate your style preferences, Vinicci Valet offers the option to customize the uniforms of our employees. By utilizing this option, our employees will match the theme you have for your wedding! From the moment your guests leave their car, they will enjoy the night’s long lasting experience. Vinicci Valet will be the cherry on top of an absolutely, fantastic occasion!

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