Contract Valet Parking

Vinicci Valet hosting contract valet parking services

Contract Valet Parking – Recurring Services For Your Business

Vinicci Valet offers contract valet parking services that are continually hosted at your business location, or establishment. We provide contract valet parking with several options:

  1. Available on a weekly part-time basis – Some venues and other establishments need valet parking on certain days of the week. Choosing these specific days depends usually on when your business is typically the busiest. Moreover, we offer part-time valet services as needed and also would be happy to work out an arrangement to meet a client’s specific needs.
  2. Available on a weekly full-time basis – Several venues and establishments need continual valet parking services to provide businesses with a competitive advantage. We provide businesses a solution for a difficult location for parking. Vinicci Valet is happy to assist potential clients that are looking for full-time valet services.

Why Choose Contract Valet Parking – Contract valet parking services can be offered as complimentary for your business’ customers/guests, or also at a low cost-based parking rate.

Whether choosing complimentary or low cost, contract valet will attract new customers to your business! It will also differentiate you from your competition, and increase your overall customer satisfaction!

Furthermore, a permanent valet service at your location provides your guests/customers the luxury of not having to walk through rain, snow, extreme heat or cold, or any other weather conditions that commonly occur in Ontario.

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