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Contract Valet Parking and Traffic Directing Services

Vinicci Valet over the holiday season had the pleasure to perform valet parking, and traffic directing services at the Cheese Boutique. Home of the oldest cheese in Canada, the cheese boutique is a true, state of the art establishment. Over the two week contract period, Vinicci Valet witnessed THOUSANDS of cars flock to the store. The Cheese Boutique according to many is the perfect place to do Christmas shopping. They supply many varieties of food, pastries, and don’t forget cheese! They also have a room dedicated to cheese storage, with cheese that has been aged for longer than we have all lived!

Furthermore, the parking situation throughout the contract period was handled as efficiently, and professionally as possible by our team. We ensured that every customer safely, and quickly were able to exit their cars, and enter the store. We look forward to servicing the Cheese Boutique in Toronto again in the future. For information on contract valet parking services click here.