4 Reasons Why We Will Add Value to Your Business

Vinicci Valet adding value to your company

  1. Competitive AdvantageHaving valet parking professionals readily available at the entrance of your business provides you a direct competitive advantage. By providing your customers the convenience of free parking, they will be encouraged to use your business. Vinicci Valet’s experience in operating valet parking services in downtown Toronto is second to none! Show your customers that you care about their experiences, and make their day a little bit better.
  2. Improves Your Brand Image: Groomed, well-presented, professional valet parking drivers at the entrance of your business provides your customers the exclusive, VIP feeling they deserve. Furthermore, we provide all businesses a luxurious signature touch. It will powerfully uplift the brand image of your company!
  3. Convenience: Let’s face it. Winters in Canada can be absolutely dreadful. Valet parking will allow your customers to enter your location without the hassle of walking through the rain, or snow! Also, in difficult parking situations like downtown Toronto, customers will flock to your business due to the added convenience we provide.
  4. Colour Coordination: At Vinicci Valet, we allow all businesses to customize the uniform colour for our valet employees. For example, if your business has a green colour scheme, our employees will coordinate with green uniform accessories, and provide your customers the feel of your brand image from the moment they leave your car.

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